Deals With Demons

Remembering the past can be painful. Ignoring it can be deadly.

In a world filled with magic, demons and death, Talia survives using her inborn ability to sense and track demons. A handy skill for a hunter of the damned. But there’s one demon who’s never far from her mind.

Devlin St. Clair, the irresistible demon who rescued her as a child, has haunted her ever since the night she fled his home, her body branded with a permanent reminder of his lust—and her humiliation. Now he’s back at her door with an offer she can’t refuse. He’s found the one who murdered her family, and he’ll help her kill the monster. For a price. One last heated night in her arms.

Temptation and the chance for revenge are too much for Talia to resist. Once bound to Devlin in an unbreakable deal, however, Talia realizes too late there’s more at stake than the death of her nightmares. Her heart wasn’t supposed to be part of the bargain…but she should have known to expect anything when she made a deal with this demon.