Fiery Temptations

Playing with fire can get your burned.

A wounded dragon crashes through Mae’s roof, putting her in a difficult position—kill the man just as likely to barbecue her as thank her, or honor her oath as a healer. What’s a witch to do? Determined to take the higher road, Mae does her best to save him. She’s playing with fire and knows it—she just didn’t expect it to feel so good.

Lucas has no memory of the attack that grounded him in a witch’s house but his instinct is to roast first, ask questions later. But the more time he spends with Mae, the more passion flames between them. He lingers, exploring their simmering (and forbidden) attraction.

Desire gives way to pleasures of the flesh, the couple enjoying their wary truce and the sexual explosion it provides. Until reality comes knocking. Caught between the lover she cares for and the king who wants to enslave him, Mae faces the biggest fight of her life. And her dragon’s heart is the prize.

Fiery Temptations


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